Primoris Belgium GMP+ BA11 certified

We are thrilled to announce Primoris Belgium has added the official GMP+ BA11 certificate to its track record. This recognition allows us to even better support our customers that are active in the feed sector and/or the residual stream. As of today, 8 July we offer various GMP+-recognised analyses.

About GMP+

GMP+ is an internationally respected standard in the world of animal feed. Because of the integration of ISO standards, HACCP and other elements, the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme has – over the past decades – been able to develop into a full-fledged and widely respected certification scheme that guarantees safety, reliability, quality and sustainability. These are also central values at Primoris, which is why this GMP+ BA11 certification was a logical move:

Recognised GMP+ analyses

As from today 8 July, we offer recognised GMP+ analyses on:
  • Pesticides
  • Mycotoxins
  • Heavy metals
  • Fluoride
  • Dioxins and PCBs

Interested in a GMP+ package?

Contact your market manager or our customer service for all information regarding method codes, the correct analysis request method, ...: