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  • Second edition of “Primoris…for a better world” | Enter your suggestions now!

    Last year Primoris Belgium organised the first edition of “Primoris…for a better world”. This project now returns for a second edition after last year’s success, as Primoris wants to keep giving back to society with support of its customers and employees. Specifically, Primoris will donate € 10.000 to two charities or projects, one of which will be suggested by customers and another by employees. As a result, Primoris will allocate a total of € 20.000 for this project.

  • Quality: proficiency tests July – August

    Proficiency tests are part of Primoris’ everyday operation. These are independent tests that try to verify the analysis quality of a laboratory. Further, their results are used to evaluate the performance of the analysis methods and, if necessary, adjust them. 

  • Exclusive for Primoris Colombia

    Primoris Colombia now has, as the first laboratory in Colombia, a special permit to import samples of fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. into Colombia. This permit is granted by ICA (el Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario), the official Colombian institute for agriculture. Primoris Colombia is recognised by ICA for, amongst other things, the analysis of chemical pesticides for agricultural purposes.


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  • Primoris Belgium GMP+ BA11 certified

    We are thrilled to announce Primoris Belgium has added the official GMP+ BA11 certificate to its track record. This recognition allows us to even better support our customers that are active in the feed sector and/or the residual stream. As of today, 8 July we offer various GMP+-recognised analyses.

  • Opening of accredited lab Primoris Costa Rica: how can we help you?

    The Primoris group is proud to announce the official opening of Primoris Costa Rica, located in Alajuela, offering analytical services to Central America and Caribbean countries. The head quarter of the group is located in Belgium, and started in 2001 as a specialised lab for pesticide residue analysis.

  • New street number for Primoris Belgium as from 01/01/2019

    We want to inform you that as from 1 January 2019, the official street number of Primoris Belgium will change. This means that Primoris Belgium doesn’t relocate to another building, but only gets a new official street number: